Александр Павлович Мартыненко. 7 лет

Александр Павлович Мартыненко. 7 лет. Москва
Детский клуб » Сами с усами».
Педагог Ольга Шаповалова

Александр Павлович Мартыненко. 7 лет

 My name is Alexander Pavlovich Martynenko. I live in Moscow. One week ago on the 22 of February I’ ve celebrated my Birthday. Now I am 7.
I’ m fond of reading, sports, searchig chemical and physical experiences, playing violone, drawing….
Thanks ti my remakable teacher Olga Shapovalova. I discover the secrets of painting.
I like, The Little Prince and I don’t want his life to be boring and monotonous. I was surprised whole reading that he admired sunset for 43 times! Now I understood that e very sunset is different. I so important to enjoy every moment of it and to be tamed one but even for all our Planet.

Watercolor paper, gouache.

Painting teacher Olga Shapovalova, Kids Club «Sami s Usami».

Закладка Постоянная ссылка.

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